SWHS Insurance and Events Policies

Southwestern Herpetologists Society Insurance Policy in conjunction with member privileges:

Only current Southwestern Herpetologists Society (SWHS) members are permitted to interact with the general public while handling herps at Education Outreach events. Members have the privilege of personally sharing their reptilian and amphibian friends with the public for education purposes. This a SWHS member only privilege.

Non-members do not have this privilege but may assist with booth set up, break down, selling SWHS fundraiser items, and interacting verbally with the public. Non-members are NOT permitted to assist in any way with the public's interaction with members' animals.

It is at member's discretion whether or not to allow the general public to touch, and even hold, that member's animals at the event. Members may choose to display their animals without allowing anyone to touch or handle them.

Please note the general public is covered in the SWHS insurance policy as a 3rd party. There is no bodily harm coverage for members or non-members and all who attend SWHS events do so at their own risk.

SWHS Events Policy:

All Southwestern Herpetologists Society (SWHS) events must be approved by the SWHS Board of Directors before they are submitted to Liberty Insurance by the BOD designated Education Outreach Events Chair to be covered by the SWHS liability insurance policy. All potential SWHS events must be emailed to [email protected] and approved by the BOD before they are posted on the SWHS Facebook page, the SWHS website, or in the SWHS newsletter as SWHS sponsored events by the SWHS Education Outreach Event Chair. Once events are approved and insured, they are to be staffed by current SWHS members. Non-members must join the Society or renew their expired SWHS membership before or on the day of the event in order to participate in compliance with the SWHS Insurance Policy. Any events occurring outside of this approval process are not sponsored by the SWHS and not covered by the SWHS liability insurance.

Participation in SWHS Outreach Events:

Only current SWHS members may participate in SWHS Events.

Members must email [email protected] by the deadline and receive a reply that they are cleared by SWHS insurance to participate before arriving to the event with animals.

Members cleared by insurance need to arrive during set up time and stay until the END of the event. If unable to do so, they should not rsvp for that event and sign up for another where they can fully participate. If a member signs up for an event and later are unable to attend, they are to email [email protected] and notify the event chairs that they need to cancel so their space can be filled by another member.

Posted by peggywu on Dec. 22, 2018.

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