SWHS supports amendment to Ordinance 16-1357 to exclude educational organizations

SWHS supports the upcoming amendment to Ordinance 16-1357 to exclude educational organizations. This amendment is important since as an educational organization, the SWHS should be exempted from laws that affect people and entities that abuse and neglect animals.

Click the link below to follow the process of this ordinance ( to subscribe, click the "envelope icon" at the top):


Subscribing will enable you to see any changes that are made and notify you of future meetings until the ordinance is finally written.

Please send letters to the PAW - Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee Staff who will oversee the writing of this ordinance.

Please request that your letters be made public record by including a copy to Adam Lid in the City Clerk's office (Clerk who can upload your communications to the council file):

[email protected]

The people listed below each city council member are their legislative deputies, who will make modifications to the ordinance once it is written by the City Attorney.

Council Member David Ryu (presented this item)

[email protected]

Council Member Paul Koretz (chairman of PAW Committee)

[email protected]

Council Member Harris-Dawson

[email protected]

Also send letters to Mayor Eric Garcetti at [email protected] and City Attorney Mike Feuer at [email protected]

Please encourage schools to have their students, staff, and parents to write letters.

Thank you.

Posted by peggywu on Mar. 15, 2017.

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